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GMX FreeMail

  • One-to-one – advertising with the highest hit rate.


    The FreeMail service area with its e-mail and messaging functions can only be used by registered members, which makes it the optimal placement for one-to-one-marketing specific to your target group.

    There is hardly another provider on the Internet that knows its users as well as GMX: Each GMX member fills out an extensive questionnaire when he or she registers. Due to the directed query of socio-demographic data, interests and hobbies, an exact user profile is created for each member. The result is that you have enormous advantages as an advertiser. For the exact definition of your target group, GMX offers you more than 250 selection criteria (i.e. regional classification, age, profession, interests, hobbies...). We employ these user profiles to perfectly control our advertising: As soon as a user registers in the closed service area, we recognise in real time whether or not he or she belongs to your target group.

  • Opportunities of advertising

    Display Advertising

    From the effective standard banners to interactive rich media products to TV commercials, display advertising offers an enormous spectrum for a great variety of advertising goals. 
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    • Special size MaxiAD+: exclusive banner format for maximum impact.
    • Event Media WEB.Buster: Eye-catching momentum and advertising pressure with much creative flexibility for your advertising message.
    Content Integration

    Advertising messages integrated into a neutral environment profit from optimal acceptance and information strength.   >> Learn more